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Survival Frog Fire Laces Reviewed

Survival Frog Fire Laces

Marketing from Survival Frog

Powerful, Wearable Fire-Starting Technology

These are probably one of the coolest, most innovative survival tools around. Hidden away inside of the end caps of these super-durable shoelaces is a concealed fire starter no snooping TSA agent is ever going to discover (they are 100% legal). These laces serve as both a great fire starter, and since they’re made of 550 lb. Paracord, they also have well over 100 other different survival uses too. Whether your matches are wet, or you forgot a lighter, with these laces in your shoes you’ll still be able to kickstart a fire in no time.


Manufacturer: Survival Frog,
Model: Fire Laces

MSRP: $19.97


The Review

Many preppers and survivalists have long since replaced their bootlaces with paracord. You can always tell because the ends of the laces are melted to keep the fibers from unraveling instead of factory-produced ends. Survival Frog has come out with an interesting and innovative alternative to those homemade paracord bootlaces by combining 550 paracord with factory-covered lace ends made of mini ferrocerium rods and calling them Fire Laces. So let’s have a closer look…

Fire LacesEach pair of laces consists of two black 550 paracord bootlaces with a 3/4-inch x 1/8-inch ferrocerium rod securely attached to each end and protected by a removable black rubber cap. These bootlaces are 62-inches long and will fit most 6-inch and 8-inch boot sizes, and possibly even 10-inch boots as long provided the laces are long enough and the eyelets are 5/32-inch or larger.

Additionally, with each pair of laces, you get two 1-3/8-inch x 5/8-inch steel striker blades, dull on one side and sharp on the other. They have two holes on the for lacing through, and are protected clear plastic sleeves.

The ferro rods have a heavy coating that is a little difficult to remove, but must be come off for them to throw sparks. I also noticed that these ferro rods are made from one of the harder ferrocerium alloys commonly available. This means that there isn’t as much magnesium as in the softer ferrocerium alloys. As a result, these ferro rods do not throw near as much spark, but they tend to last alot longer than the softer ferro rods.

Fire LacesI also noticed that the ferro rods seemed to work much better with the strikers provided than with any knife that I tried in every test.

While these ferro rods would likely not be your go to firestarter because they are simply too small, but they are perfect as a backup EDC or BOB fire solution, even if you split the pairs across multiple boots. The only real drawback to these laces is the weight of the lace ends. They weigh just enough to cause the laces to constantly come undone unless you double-knot them.

I would really like to see other variations of these laces in the future. I think it would be a great idea to put a diamond-dust or ceramic sharpening rod on the end of a pair of laces to clean up a knife or axe edge, or even the point and barb on a fishhook in a pinch. Even something as simple as a small pen could be useful.

Survival Frog is currently running a special on the Fire Laces. Click here so you can get one pair for free, plus $3.95 shipping of course. you can also purchase additional laces at a discount.


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