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How to grow food all year round with Hydroponics

Ever wonder how you would grow food in a place where there are no soils?

How to produce fresh food on Mars for astronauts?

How does agriculture come to terms with the future population when it is expected to expand by 70% by 2050?

That would be through Hydroponics, a subset of Hydroculture – a method to growing food in a water-based environment.

With Hydroponics, you no longer have to worry about Mother Nature’s bad mood because what you grow can be kept in an indoor environment. You 100% control what is provided to your plants and what happens to the growing systems.

What’s more, Hydroponics is a self-reliant relaxing growing method that you can try at home.

The infographic below provides the important aspects of Hydroponics – Its definition, and the benefits of it over soil gardening. You will also learn about different types of Hydroponic systems and what types of plants that are best grown in Hydroponics.

Let’s start a Hydroponic garden and enjoy fresh food all year round.






About the Author

Max Payne is the chief editor at Green and Vibrant – a gardening blog that gives in-depth helpful tips for Hydroponic beginners. He aspires to help people through years of experience, thorough research, and nice illustrating graphics.
All images and content provided by Max Payne.


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