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Survival Fishing Tips: How To Survive In The Wilderness


Are you interested in some survival fishing tips? In case you end up in a wilderness with little survival tools, or you know how to manufacture some tools while in the wilderness, you can always create a means of livelihood by drawing out some fish.

Getting by in the wilderness can prove difficult most especially if you are not ready. It is about your knowledge and how you make use of the knowledge you’ve acquired so far about your surroundings. The possibility to survive is within all that surrounds us.

You should apply the same scenario when your food supplies are gradually going down. You will need food to survive and get your strength while you are trying to survive. Survival fishing can be regarded as one of the acquisitions that can be of a greater benefit as far as your food supplies are concerned.

You just have to discover a place close to a stream, river, or a pond and experiment all your fishing techniques and skills that you have gathered to prepare you for the challenges ahead.


Are you really Prepared?

In case you are out there getting by with a well-planned full sack carried with you, you are likely conveying your basic fishing tools. Remember to include essential parts of the fishing tool you could be using either in the wild or while surviving.

The best thing is to be ready for whatever challenges that may come your way regarding fishing. Like we stated, when you’re about to go for a fishing trip, always think about what you would do if you were helpless or lost. We’ll be considering how you can deal with any situation before you go fishing:


Pack Wisely

You should ensure not to pack excess stuff on your trip. You ought to have the capacity to convey your tools wherever you go. You ought to ensure you convey all-purpose tools with the goal that you can catch any species of fish in any wellspring of water.


Bring as Much as You Can

Though we just stated that you should not pack excessively, you should convey anything that you have the feeling that it will be required for the trip. Also, ensure you take as many fishing tools as possible without increasing the weight of your luggage.


Research On the Place

Ensure you have total knowledge about the place you’re going to before you set out on a fishing trip. Make sure you know the distance of the area from civilization, whether there is any natural water source around the area and the species of fish that you are probably going to find.

This will help you take fast choices which would make fishing for survival less difficult. For example, you can waste a great deal of time figuring out what to search for If you don’t have a knowledge about the fishing area

Discussed above is how you can plan your fishing trip in order to sustain yourself while in the wilderness. Right now, we shall be looking at approaches to be ready and get prepared when you find yourself in an emergency situation so you can be certain about getting enough fishes to cook:



Discovering fish and getting them are unquestionably necessary for you to survive but before you move on and begin fishing, you should ensure you have a protected spot to cook, eat and rest. The moment you have shelter and water, the next thing to do is to find food.

At this point, you should go fishing. Once you are done and you would not need to start searching for your safe house while conveying your catch.


Know The Kind of Fish

In case you haven’t made your research on the fish species in the field you are going to, you should do that as fast as possible so that you can really know what fishing tool to be required.


Survival fishing techniques

These techniques to be considered are net, trap, spear, fishing rod, hook, and line. You can make use of whatever fishing tools you can work with.



Angling is most widely used angling strategy. It requires you to have a line, hook, and a little weight to bring the hook down. It also requires you to have a float to enhance floating actions. You can make use of any object that has the ability to float to replace a float. For example, small piece of bark


Fishing Hints

To be a fishing expert, you have to have complete knowledge about fishes’ behavior. Invest your time watching where the fish go at the various time of the day. The best moment to catch fish is simply before the first light or dawn, or after sunset, or when the terrible climate is up and coming.


Survival fishing with a spear

Spear Fishing requires some serious energy, great persistence, and plenty practice. Ensure you use a spear during shallow water fishing where your catch is noticeable. Gradually move the spear as close as you can and quickly strike your catch when it is time.


Fishing net

The fishing net is so simple to make. For example, you can make a landing net by using just a y-shaped branch and an undervest. Also, you can tie a spinnerbait so as to easily lure the fish to net.

To learn more about fishing tips to survive in the wilderness, you can check out this free video below.


Where to Fish?

Not all water territories are fish oriented, regardless of whether they are lakes, oceans or rivers. You have to know where to search for if you need to catch fish for survival. For you to effectively catch fish, you have to search for particular areas where fish are concentrated.

Fish tend to change location according to the time of the day so it might happen that a few species of fish are gathering around the shore at night while they have a tendency to swim at the very center of an ocean, lake or river. The best option is to search for fish in shallow waters free from weeds.



After reading this article, we believe you will be able to fish for survival as fast possible in the wilderness. Try not to be caught on aware. Always keep a positive and attitude driven mindset and adjust as the need comes up. This will be what will save you in course for survival.

Although survival fishing has its own benefits, I would advise you to have two to three catch traps set before you start, you should exploit all food sources you can get your hands on while surviving. You will be amazed that you will probably discover something that can be employed for trapping fishes.




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