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Sticky Holster Reviewed

Sticky Holster

Marketing from Sticky Holster

Sticky Holsters allow you to deploy and adjust your firearm in seconds. No bulky clips or straps to get in the way. Our lightweight holsters weigh less than 3 oz. and the closed-end design keeps lint and dust out, while keeping gun oil off of you. Body heat and use conforms holster to your gun, so your holster fit will continue to improve with use.

Our original holsters are IWB (in the waistband) holsters for concealed carry. The smaller sizes also work well for in the pocket use. The construction of the holster uses the pressure from your clothing waistband to secure both the holster and the gun. They don’t come with clips or loops to secure it in place, as the outer “sticky” skin adheres to your waistband, undergarments and/or your skin. Since our inception, we have developed these holsters into a modular system, where you can use it IWB, in the pocket, on your ankle using our ankle rig and for police officers, on their tactical/armored vest, using our B.U.G. Pad.

The outside skin is a super non-slip material that, with a little pressure, adheres to just about anything. That outer material combined with the inner closed-cell foam and the inner-liner keep your pistol and the holster securely in place. In the pocket, it works like any other pocket holster. However, when you pull the gun, the outer layer grabs the inside of your pocket. Our modular products use the same “sticky” material against itself to hold the concealment holster and gun in place. In addition, with use and body heat, your Sticky Holster will conform to your particular gun, making a custom fit.


Manufacturer: Sticky Holster,
Models: MD-4, LG-6

Color: Black
Design: Ambidextrous
Weight: Less than 3 oz.

UPC: 0858426004061, 0858426004160
MSRP: $24.95


SM-1 Micro Handguns – autos/derringers up to 2.5″ barrel
SM-2 Pocket .380 – Small Handguns – autos up to 2.75″ barrel
SM-3 Pocket .380 with laser – Wider framed autos – barrels up to 3″
MD-1 Small 9mm – up to 3.5″ barrel
MD-2 Small 9mm – with laser – wider guns up to 3.3″ barrel
MD-3 Small 9mm – Med/Sm framed autos to 3.6″ barrel
MD-4 Baby Glocks – Medium Autos up to 3.6″ barrel
MD-4 Modified MD-4 models with Laser
MD-5 Snubby Revolvers – J-frame revolvers to 2.125″ barrel
LG-1S 1911 and clones from 3″ to 4″ barrel
LG-1L 1911 and clones from 3″ to 5″ barrel
LG-2 Medium Glocks – Large autos to 4.1″ barrel
LG-3 Full Size Glocks – Large autos to 4.75″ barrel
LG-4 Large Revolvers – Up to 3″ barrel
LG-5 Large/Long Revolvers – Up to 5″ barrel
LG-6S Compact/Medium frame autos
LG-6L Full/Large frame autos
AnkleBiter Sticky Holsters AnkleBiter Leg Holster Rig
Mag Pouch Sticky Holsters Super Mag Pouch
Dual Mag Pouch Sticky Holsters Dual Super Mag Pouch
Travel Mount Sticky Holster Travel Mount



The Review

There are nearly as many different holsters and holster options out there as as there are opinions about them. Especially when it comes to concealed carry. Clips, no clips, fitted, unfitted, IWB (inside waistband), OWB (outside waistband), and the list keeps going on. The Sticky Holster is an ambidextrous IWB and pocket holster that utilizes compression to secure the holster in place.

Sticky HolsterSticky Holsters is the brainchild of firearms trainer and law enforcement veteran, Mike Christoff. Mike owns and operates a company called Mobile Tactics that provides basic to advanced firearms training. In addition, Mobile Tactics can provide a portable, self-contained, live firearms training facility brought to your location capable of withstanding 30-06 caliber rifle rounds and shotgun loads including buckshot and rifled slugs. Mike has also expanded into equipment sales in addition to developing the Sticky Holster.

Sticky Holsters all weigh less than 3 ounces and are available in more than 20 different sizes to accommodate most modern firearms, with or without a laser device. However, if you cannot find one that fits your firearm just right, simply contact Sticky Holsters and they will help you find one that does.

Their holsters have a closed-end design to keep the lubrication away from you while keeping any moisture, dust and lint away from your firearm to protect its finish and functionality. Additionally, this enclosed design ensures that the trigger and trigger guard are safely protected from accidental access whether it is used as an IWB or pocket holster.

Sticky Holsters are made entirely in the USA from a three-layer wetsuit-like neoprene material chosen specifically for its unique properties and characteristics. The outer edge of each holster is covered by a nylon webbing folded and sewn around all exposed edges for enhanced durability. All protected by a lifetime warranty covering all materials and workmanship.

The inner lining is a rugged black nylon fabric similar in texture and rigidity to a heavy Cordura nylon that provides the structural integrity of the holster while helping to reduce drag and wear on the firearm when drawing and reholstering.

The material between the inner and outer layers consists of a lightweight closed-cell foam for extra comfort, providing a 1/8″ thick protective, moisture-resistant barrier between you and the firearm that is inherently hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and antifungal. This layer allows the holster to mold and conform to the shape of the firearm while masking its outline to enhance its concealment.

The outer layer consists of a durable slip-resistant skin that adheres to just about anything it comes in contact with after applying a little pressure. However, it’s not really sticky to touch. It is simply a thin, grippable surface finish much like Ensolite, Volara and other high-quality closed-cell foam neoprenes that are similar in texture to that of thermoplastic TPE knife handles.

When a Sticky Holster is placed in a pocket, the outer skin adheres to the pocket lining so when you draw the firearm, the holster stays put. With the trigger area of the firearm protected, it is much safer to draw than it would be without a pocket holster.

When a Sticky Holster is tucked into a waistband, the outer skin adheres to any skin and clothing that it comes in contact with. No clips or straps to get in the way. It doesn’t take much compression to hold the Sticky Holster in place. A pair of well-fitted pants or shorts are all that is necessary to hold the Sticky Holster securely in place. Add a belt or drawstring and the retention is even better.

Sticky Holsters are perfect for ambidextrous use. The most common locations to wear the holster is in the appendix area, hip and back. Left or right, it doesn’t matter.

Sticky Holsters do not hold their shape. Therefore, it is necessary to pull the holster out with your free hand to reholster the firearm. Not only is it an easier way to reholster, it is also a much safer way to reholster. Especially with a soft-shelled holster.

Accessories Available

The Anklebiter is an ankle holster rig designed specifically for use with Sticky Holsters. Essentially, it is a strap that wraps around your ankle or boot with an extension strap, then wraps around the Sticky Holster attaching it to the rig. An optional retention strap is also provided.

The Guard-Her is a thigh belt system designed to convert a Sticky Holster into a thigh holster.

The Sticky Travel Mount is a simple yet versatile to mount your Sticky Holster and firearm when it is not on your person such as traveling in a car. The Travel Mount is essentially a set of sticky strips and a pouch which must be mounted in the desired location. The Sticky Holster is then slid into the pouch with holster retention properties for a quick and easy draw.

Super Mag Pouches are available in both single and dual configurations. Not only will they hold magazines, they can also hold a flashlight, pocket knife or any other similarly-sized accessory. Not only can the mag pouches be carried IWB, they have a belt loop for other carry options. Additionally, they have a built in pocket large enough to hold a CCW permit, ID, credit card or business cards.


Final Thoughts

Living in California I will usually be wearing shorts day and night, and most of the time I have nothing more than an elastic waistband and maybe a simple drawstring to hold them up. As a result, most holsters just won’t work for me. Then I ran across the Sticky Holsters video on Youtube and I had to give them a try.

I thought it would be a good idea to try out two different models to see what effect the size and weight of a firearm might have on the holsters. Both the MD-4 and LG-6L provided a perfect fit for the firearms that I had tried in them. Each firearm and the corresponding holster were very comfortable to wear, though I did have varying degrees of success at concealing them. However, I certainly don’t believe that this was the fault of either holster.

Drawing from either holster was quick and smooth. No hangups whatsoever. Reholstering was also simple and straightforward to perform, always with the holster in my free hand just like in the video.

I chose to wear the MD-4 around for a few of days as it was much easier for a guy my size and shape to conceal than the LG-6L. It remained firmly in place, even after wearing it for hours at a time. I did not notice any movement with the MD-4 placed in any of the three most common waistband locations.

I did read about some negative experiences with Sticky Holsters where it had fallen out or simply dropped through their waistband in various forum testimonials. However, I did not experience any of these problems with either holster. Additionally, there seemed to be far more positive experiences than negative ones on the net so your milage may vary a great deal. My experience with Sticky Holsters thus far has only been a positive one so for now I give them two thumbs up!


<p class="disclosure">Disclosure of Material Connection: We received the product(s) mentioned above for free or at a discount in consideration for a complete, honest and impartial product review for publication on with no guarantee of the outcome whatsoever. Any opinion provided herein is based entirely on our personal experience with the product(s).</p>



About Sticky Holster

Sticky HolsterSticky Holsters are one of the latest innovative tools for concealed carry users. This revolutionary product virtually eliminates the use of heavy belts or clips, both of which can interfere with a quick draw when it is most needed. Many users stick pistols in their waistbands because it is simple to hide and simple to retrieve. However, this is not always a very safe option. With Sticky Holsters, the entire holster can be quickly slipped into a waistband or pocket insuring that the trigger guard is always covered, but when you go to draw, the holster grabs the material of the waistband or pocket, and the gun comes out as quickly as you need it to.

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