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Schrade SCHDDS Compact Field Sharpening Rod Reviewed

Schrade SCHDDS

Marketing from Schrade

Sharpen both fine edge and serrated blades in the field or at home with the SCHDDS compact, pocket-carry, sharpener. At a mere 1.4 ounces, this lightweight sharpener, embedded with premium diamond dust, hones your knife to a razor-sharp edge, when and where the need arises.

The 3.3 inch rod boasts a black, nylon resin handle with matching protective storage sheath. A handy pocket clip keeps the sharpening rod within easy reach.

Designed for every-day-use in the field or in the home… crafted from premium materials… and built for a lifetime… this is the SCHDDS compact sharpening rod.


Manufacturer: Schrade,
Overall Length: 4.7 inches (11.9 cm)
Overall Length (Assembled): 7.2 inches (18.3 cm)
Rod Length: 3.3 inches (8.4 cm)
Rod Material: Embedded Diamond Dust
Thickness: Tapered 3/8 inch to 1/8 inch (9.52 mm to 3.2 mm)
Handle Length (Assembled): 4 inches (10.2 cm)
Handle Material: Black Nylon Resin
Weight: 1.4 oz
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturing defects
Origin: Made in China
UPC: 044356000253
MSRP: $8.43


The Review

If you spend a lot of time in the field, chances are high that you’ve needed to tune your blade’s edge at one time or another. Whether you are processing material for a fire or processing an animal in the field for food, a sharp edge is imperative. Schrade’s SCHDDS is a compact diamond dust field sharpener. Is it a worthy contender for that coveted space in your EDC or Bug-out bag?

At first sight, Schrade’s SCHDDS has a very inconspicuous look. Much like a fat pen about 4.5″ tall. The body of a collapsed SCHDDS is a black nylon resin tube that has a soft, slip-resistant texture so it is very grippable, even when wet. There is a handy pocket clip attached to the side to stow it securely in a pocket or a pack. The entire weight of the SCHDDS is only 1.4 ounces so it won’t add very much to your load.

To deploy the field sharpener, simply pull the end out from the storage tube. This will expose the 3.3″ tapered sharpening rod that has been embedded with diamond dust.

Next, insert the nylon cap end of the sharpening rod into the open end of the storage tube which will then become the handle.

Simply reverse the order when you’re all done to stow it away.

To hone the blade’s edge, simply glide the edge evenly across the sharpening rod in an outward direction, away from your body. For best results, maintain a consistent angle and a slight, even pressure throughout each stroke. Always letting the diamond dust do all the work. For fine kitchen cutlery, an angle somewhere around 18 degrees is ideal. For most pocket, bushcraft, hunting and survival blades, an angle somewhere around 25 degrees is best where machetes, cleavers and axes would typically be sharpened with an angle over 30 degrees.

Count each stroke as you run one side of the blade along the rod. Then repeat with the same number of strokes on the other side of the blade. start with about 5 strokes on each side and keep rotating until it reaches the desired sharpness.

The bolster to tip taper of the sharpening rod is designed to hone different-sized serrations and the tapered groove on the side is perfect for sharpening round, pointy objects like fishhooks. The point of the rod also makes undoing knots in the field easy and safe.

Schrade SCHDDS

Final Thoughts

Schrade’s SCHDDS is rugged, compact and extremely lightweight making it ideal for an EDC or bug-out bag. For hunters and backpackers as well. The non-slip texture of the handle helps to maintain complete control of the sharpening rod at all times. At 3.3″, the sharpening rod is long enough to field sharpen everything from small fishhooks and arrowheads to large felling axes and everything in between. When you don’t have a set of sharpening stones or one of those fancy sharpening machines handy, the SCHDDS will get the job done for years to come… And at a little less than $10, it is very affordable too.

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