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How to find affordable ammo…

Have you ever experienced walking into your local gun shop or sporting goods store and seeing the barren shelves? Worse yet, you want to go hunting or shooting, and you are completely out. The current ammo shortage has effected shooters around the country. Everything from .22 to .50 caliber have become difficult to acquire. Some more than others. Even reloading supplies like powder and primers have been difficult to find.

Some say it is because our Government is buying it all up, and others say it is due to hoarding by those preparing for the coming economic collapse. I say who cares why… Everyone should have some ammo on hand as well as some practice with should they need to fend of criminals or a tyrannical government. It is your right to protect yourself, your family and your property right? Well don’t fret… there is ammo available out there. You simply need to know where to look and not be in a hurry to get it or you’ll surely pay the price. It is my hope that with the information provided in this article, you will too.

These stores usually do receive ammo shipments regularly. However, they are usually limited to a few cases here and there causing them to ration and limit the amount of ammo each customer can purchase. Customers have been known to show up hours before the stores open on those shipment days in the hope of getting their hands on some of the coveted ammo. Simply find out when the shipments arrive and get there early.

Others have been looking to Craigslist for ammo. Sure it is a violation of Craigslist’s Use Policy, but if you are quick with your mouse, you can usually find ads for ammo before Craigslist flags them and takes them down. These sellers are often just enthusiasts simply trying to offset the higher cost of ammo for their own use a little. As a result, they usually mark up the price a bit. Some find this a worthwhile price to pay for not having to wait in those long, early morning lines.

Still others flock to the Gun Shows for their shot at some of the ammo. Yet, after waiting in line for hours, paying to get in to the show, then having to climb over people just to get up to the counter only to find that all the ammo is usually gone or way over-priced. I used to enjoy going to gun shows to look at all the cool stuff, not to wait in lines.

I figured there had to be another way… After some research online I found loads of information to locate and purchase most any ammo I need without having to wait in long lines or break the bank.

The following sites have made it all possible (and there are many more if you look for them hard enough):

  • This site provides listings of user-submitted gun & ammunition deals.
  • GUNBOT: This site provides near realtime tracking of who has ammo in stock and they have a long list of retailers.
  • WIKI Arms: This site also provides near realtime tracking of who has ammo in stock and they have a long list of retailers.
  • Freedom Munitions: This company provides good deals on new and reload ammo.
  • OFFICIAL (IN STOCK) 22LR AMMO THREAD This forum thread is dedicated to locating .22 ammo. However, there are many other forums around the net devoted to locating other calibers as well.

Finally, as you peruse sites like Cabela’s, MidwayUSA, Graf & Sons, Natchez Shooter Supplies, or one of the many other online shops out there provide the ability to backorder products once in a while. Additionally, many online shops provide a way to receive email notification when a particular product becomes available.

Well, I hope this info helps you as much as it has helped me…



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