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Friendsville Precision Dry Fire Device Reviewed

Friendsville Precision Dry Fire Device

Marketing from Friendsville Precision

Use the Friendsville Precision Dry Fire Device to speed up dry fire practice with your AR. Instead of having to break position to rack the charging handle, the Dry Fire Device allows you to re-cock the hammer by pushing a lever with the middle finger of your trigger hand.


Dry Fire Device

Dry Fire Device

Free Shipping

Manufacturer: Friendsville Precision,
Model: Dry Fire Device

Compatibility: AR-15
Weight: 5.2 oz
MSRP: $45 with FREE Shipping


  • Easy to Install
  • One or Two -handed Operation
  • Patent-pending Design
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA!



The Review

I am a big proponent of firearms training and I think that every good training regimen includes many types of dry-fire drills including, but not limited to the infamous dime or penny drills. These drills are used to ingrain proper firing techniques into our “muscle memory”. When it all goes down we need our body to react to the various scenarios in a specific and expected manner, without any conscious effort. So we train accordingly.

Now there are some on both sides of the fence when it comes to dry-fire training. Some claim it won’t damage a centerfire firearm, while others claim it does. How can we be certain? I don’t really know. However, if there is a device that can use to minimize any unnecessary wear and tear on my firing pin and bolt carrier group, I’m all for it.

For handguns, there are Snap Caps and plastic training barrels for some popular models. Additionally, you still need to rack the slide to cock the hammer so there is still plenty of room for improvement.

For long guns, and more specifically ARs, training barrels are simply not available. AR training is an absolute necessity, but it has never been easy to do. Constantly having to break form to operate the charging handle between each trigger-pull is painful exercise to say the least, and that doesn’t help to develop good focus or good form.

The other day I ran across a very unique device from Friendsville Precision that was developed specifically to simplify AR dry-fire training. The Dry Fire Device is simply a mechanism to cock the hammer without having to lose focus or break form. Any device that can mitigate the pain of cocking the hammer without having to reach for the charging handle should be welcomed with open arms, and likely will… How can I not be excited?

One subtle feature that is not entirely obvious without actually installing the Dry Fire Device is the safe training that it promotes. Since the bolt carrier group must be removed entirely, the firearm is not at all fireable. Therefore, you never need to worry about an accidental discharge with the Dry Fire Device in place.

Another feature is the ability to train without the use of an upper altogether, with no risk of the hammer striking the side of the magazine well and damaging the lower.

Once installed, the Dry Fire Device operates by pushing on a lever with the middle finger of your trigger hand or with your other supporting hand. I don’t think it can get much easier than that. On the 6.5 Grendel forum, I read about one of the users attaching a length of paracord from the Dry Fire Device to the muzzle-end of the firearm so they could cock the hammer with a simple hand movement, tightening the cord to pull on the lever. Quite resourceful really… I’ll likely give that a try myself.

Dry Fire DeviceDry Fire DeviceDry Fire Device

Each Dry Fire Device is made from Polyoxymethylene (POM), also known as acetal, polyacetal and polyformaldehyde and assembled using stainless steel fasteners and spring for superior durability. POM is an engineering thermoplastic used primarily for precision parts requiring a high-level of rigidity, reduced friction and above all, excellent durability.

The Dry Fire Device was designed to fit any AR-15 Mil Spec lower, guaranteed. If a Mil Spec magazine functions in your AR, but the Dry Fire Device won’t, Friendsville Precision will make it right. No problem. Each Dry Fire Device comes with a Lifetime Warranty — “If it doesn’t work, fit, or you don’t like it, just send it back for a refund”.

David Sims from Friendsville Precision also told me that an AR-10 model could be added if there is enough interest. So if you need one, let them know about it here.

While researching the Dry Fire Device for this article, I read about a customer’s positive experience on the 6.5 Grendel forum and his experience stuck with me. Apparently, a prior version of the Dry Fire Device did not fit their lowers correctly. Friendsville Precision stood behind their product and eagerly made things right. The way all business should be done. Kudos to Friendsville Precision for that… I am always happy to give praise where it is due. All too often companies let us down… It is not our fault their product won’t work. But that is an excuse you’ll never hear from Friendsville Precision.


Final Thoughts

Friendsville Precision’s Dry Fire Device is one of those unique training tools that you run across every once in a while that could really make a difference for anyone willing to give it a shot. The ability to cock the hammer without having to lose focus or break form to operate the charging handle is nothing short of amazing.

With the Dry Fire Device, drilling is no longer a boring, painful experience for me. Drilling is once again fun and productive… I can see myself practicing more often and for longer periods of time than had before. Which is more than I could have ever hoped for. Truly a pleasure to use. The Dry Fire Device is worth every penny and then some.

You can purchase the Dry Fire Device directly from Friendsville Precision’s online store for $45 each, which includes FREE shipping.


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About Friendsville Precision

Friendsville PrecisionFriendsville Precision is a small company founded on a dream to help shooters with cool ideas. We value satisfied customers over making money. We owe all to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

How the Dry Fire Device came about?
As they say, necessity is the mother of all invention. The idea for the Friendsville Precision Dry Fire Device was no different. Like a lot of people, I had to piece together my first AR over an extended period of time. I started with just a complete lower and would dry fire while watching TV. I thought to myself, “This won’t be so easy when I have the upper receiver attached.” After drawing up a few sketches, I made a prototype by gluing sheets of plastic together.

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