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Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod Reviewed

Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod

Marketing from Caldwell Shooting Supplies

Achieve benchrest accuracy when it counts most – in the field. Caldwell is known for producing rock solid shooting rests; the FieldPod is a highly portable Hunting Rest that allows you to bring that same stability along on the hunt. Its innovative design and versatility make it perfect for a variety of hunting applications.

Height adjustment ranges from 20″ to 42″ ensures your gun can be precisely positioned and supported whether sitting on the ground or in a chair. Get ideal position and stability for your shotgun, rifle or crossbow while shooting from a stool inside a ground blind. Improve predator hunting success with the perfect gun position on every set, minimize movement, speed up target acquisition and increase effective shooting range. Take advantage of the portable and stable design on western hunts that frequently offer long range shot opportunities. Length and pivot point adjustments ensure a perfect fit and balance for any weapon. Cast aluminum hub provides tension adjustable rotation and tilting for fast and stable target acquisition. Precision cast aluminum hub system allows gun to pivot up/down and rotate left/right.


Manufacturer: Caldwell Shooting Supplies,
Model: DeadShot FieldPod

Height Range: 20″ to 42″
Weight: 5 lbs

Accessories Available:
Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod Premium Kit
Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod Optics Adaptor Kit
Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod Universal Accessory Tray

MPN: 488000
UPC: 661120880004
MSRP: $144.99


The Review

Since the invention of the firearm, people have been looking for effective ways to increase its range and accuracy by stabilizing the weapon with sticks, bipods, sandbags, and even benchrests. However, there are not many portable, hands-free rest options available to hunters and firearm enthusiasts stable enough for practical use in the field. Caldwell has engineered a lightweight, portable rest that is easy-to-use, with near benchrest accuracy called the DeadShot FieldPod.

Caldwell DeadShot FieldPodCaldwell is well-known for producing rock-solid shooting rests like their LeadSled, FireControl and Zero-Max product lines. The DeadShot FieldPod is Caldwell’s answer to the portability of firearm rests, bringing that same level of stability and versatility out into the field whether it be a rifle, shotgun or crossbow sitting on top.

The DeadShot FieldPod utilizes an innovative dual-tube frame and central hub design to increase stability and rigidity. The split-tube design also accommodates most rifles and shotguns with detachable magazine like the popular AR platform. Its telescopic frame tubes and adjustable support arms are made from lightweight aluminum alloy tubing providing the tripod with exceptional strength while keeping it all under 5 pounds. The platform length and pivot point are completely adjustable to ensure a perfect fit and balance for any weapon.

The rugged cast aluminum central hub is the heart of the DeadShot FieldPod. It provides the operator with an effortless pivot up and down and left or right rotation for rapid target acquisition. You can easily adjust the tension of the tilt and rotation or securely lock the entire platform in place with two simple adjustment knobs when necessary to further stabilize the rest. Look to the FAQ on the DeadShot FieldPod page for additional adjustment options related to the hub tension and positioning of the leg brace.

All of the plastic brackets, knobs and slide locks on the DeadShot FieldPod are made from a tough synthetic nylon polymer for its superior rigidity, strength and resistance to ultraviolet light. The two adjustable U-shaped firearm supports are made from a durable synthetic nylon rubber for its exceptional elastomeric properties providing a solid, slip-resistant platform for your firearm that will not mar the finish.

The height adjustment of the DeadShot FieldPod ranges from 20″ to 42″. Perfect for handling your firearm while sitting on the ground or in a chair. The three conical-shaped feet have five stepped ridges, also made from a thermoplastic rubber for improved traction, especially on smoother surfaces like stone and cement.

The DeadShot FieldPod quickly and easily collapses down into a small packable configuration for easy and unencumbered transport whether it be strapped on your back with the provided black nylon carrying strap or simply carried in hand.

Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod

Final Thoughts

After using the DeadShot FieldPod on my last outing, I found it to be a rock-solid shooting platform, both from the ground or from a chair. The convenience that it provides is absolutely wonderful. It made sighting in a scope as quick and easy as it could possibly be and its exceptional stability helped with my consistency tremendously.

It is very easy to deploy, taking only a few minutes to set up, and even easier to collapse and stow it away. Whether you are target shooting at a range or on a desert plain, perched in a blind, or lying in wait for that one great shot, the ability to have two free hands when you need them sets the DeadShot FieldPod far apart from the rest.

It is rather apparent how its functionality can also provide a safe, secure and solid firearms training platform for young children and beginners alike by helping to support the weight of the firearm, thus providing the trainer two free hands for better instruction and control. For experienced shooters, the enhanced stability easily deployable anywhere in the field is nothing short of impressive.


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About Caldwell Shooting Supplies

Caldwell Shooting SuppliesCaldwell Shooting Supplies are engineered with innovative designs and steadfast performance specifications for the most discriminating shooters in mind. Our products are created specifically with the needs of a shooter in mind-by a team of experienced shooters. When you head for the range to sight in, do some target practicing, develop load testing or for some serious shooting, you only need to remember one name – Caldwell. From targets and target stands to Rock Solid shooting rests, Caldwell has all your range equipment needs.

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