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StoveTec Biomass Cookstove and Super Pot Reviewed

StoveTec Biomass Cookstove

Marketing from StoveTec

The same great StoveTec cookstove quality and performance, now 50% lighter! The One-Door Deluxe Lite rocket stove was designed to burn wood, biomass and other found fuels. This stove is an excellent option for both campers and preppers with it’s proven reliability in third world countries and relief efforts.

Equipped with a refractory FeCrAl alloy and ceramic fiber lined combustion chamber, as well as a 3.9 inch chimney section that enables smoke and emissions to mix with the flame decreasing harmful emissions and virtually eliminating any smoke.

Other notable features include thick rugged 6-stud cast stove top, thick concrete style floor insulation, reinforced metal door frame for increased durability and stove life that includes feed rack mounting brackets that keep the fuel feed rack stable.


Manufacturer: StoveTec,
Model: Biomass Cookstove,

Stove: 10.75″ dia. x 11.75″
Door Opening: 4.5″ x 4.25″
Weight: 13.10 lbs

Origin: China
MSRP: $109.00


The Review

Lightweight packable stoves have always been an interest of mine not only for backpacking, but also for bugging out. But what about bugging-in when the gas is out or no longer available? Today I’ll be taking a look at the Biomass Cookstove and Super Pot from StoveTec to fill that need. So let’s check it out…

StoveTec Biomass CookstoveWhen it comes to emergency preparedness, I prefer outdoor wood burning stoves over the gas, liquid and solid fuel stoves mostly due to fuel availability should SHTF. Additionally, many wood burning stoves are designed to heat much more efficiently than a typical campfire. Especially those utilizing rocket stove technology.

The rocket stove is often regarded as one of the most efficient, if not the most efficient biomass stove technology available today. The first rocket stove was created in the early 1980’s by an engineer at the Aprovecho Research Center located in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

By drawing oxygen through the burning fuel and into the combustion chamber, it becomes gasified and superheated through a natural convection. The superheated exhaust is then channeled upward through the vertical chimney where it continues to burn ensuring that all of the fuel has combusted before it reaches the heat exchanger, thus reducing harmful emissions. As the heated exhaust exits the chimney it is able to efficiently heat the cookware through heat exchange. As a result, rocket stoves are able to achieve a much hotter and much more efficient use of fuel.

Many wood burning stoves are compact and very lightweight. Perfect for backpacking and bugging out. However, since they are so small, they typically do not work as well with larger cookware. But if you are vehicle camping, off-grid living, or simply bugging-in at home, a larger outdoor rocket stove is ideal.

StoveTec’s Biomass Cookstove is a self-contained rocket stove 10.75″ in diameter at its widest point and 11.75″ tall. The entire cookstove, fuel shelf and adjustable pot skirt will easily fit inside a 5-gallon bucket safely keeping any loose ash and soot fully contained during storage and transport.

StoveTec Biomass CookstoveThe rugged outer skin of the stove has a green enameled finish and a single-door opening with an arced top in the side nearly 4.5″ wide and 4.25″ tall to provide access to the fuel chamber. It has a black reinforced metal door frame for increased strength and durability. there are two feed rack mounting brackets for keeping the fuel feed rack firmly attached to the stove.

On each side of the stove body there is a heavy-duty hinged steel lifting handle with black heat-resistant injection-moulded grip. Each handle is securely attached to the body of the stove with three pop-rivets to safely lift and move the stove, even when it is hot.

The stove’s floor and combustion chamber are insulated with an ultralight ceramic fiber cast to Aprovecho’s exacting design specifications from a lightweight clay found only in China. They have been double fired, first with a green kiln firing followed by a ceramic firing in a traditional chinese kiln. As a result, the two-piece ceramic insulation layer is very durable and light enough to float in water which one of the primary reasons the stove is so lightweight and efficient.

Additionally, the model that I have is also lined with a tough FeCrAl (iron, chromium and aluminium) alloy refractory to further increase its efficiency and protect the ceramic insulative layer.

The steel fuel shelf is designed to support any fuel longer than a few inches in length. It is approximately 10″ long and 6″ wide at its widest point and made from a heavy steel wire.

The stove top is made from a rugged cast iron ring with six integrated pot supports providing ample stability for larger cookware including cast iron skillets and dutch ovens. Additionally, the shape of the ring is designed to channel the heated exhaust from the large 3.9″ chimney upward and around the cookware to achieve an efficient heat exchange. Especially with the help of the adjustable galvanized steel pot skirt. It is designed to regulate and channel the flow of exhaust around the cookware to increase the exchange of heat.

StoveTec Supre PotThe Biomass Cookstove rocket stove was designed to burn wood, biomass and other organic fuels as efficiently as possible. Just a few small sticks is all it takes to boil a gallon of water in under 15 minutes. Once the fire is lit, the smoke will begin to clear as it is burnt during the combustion process. If it keeps smoking a lot you might have too much wood in the chamber, or the wood might be wet.

StoveTec’s Super Pot is a stainless steel pot with an integrated full-height pot skirt¬≠. Like the adjustable galvanized steel pot skirt that comes with the Biomass Cookstove, the integrated pot skirt is designed to increase the exchange of heat from the superheated exhaust to the super pot and block the effects of cool wind on the pot. However, since the superpot skirt covers the entire outside of the pot, it is also much more efficient than a standard pot with the adjustable skirt. Check the StoveTec website for availablity.

StoveTec has a unique stainless steel Water Pasteurizer also with an integrated skirt available for purchase separately. Additionally, you can purchase their 5-gallon Stove Bucket and Canvas Stove Bag directly from their website to protect and store the cookstove when it is not in use.


Functional Testing

To test the efficiency and performance of the Biomass Cookstove and the Super Pot, I figured boiling a gallon of water would be an ideal test to demonstrate its abilities. First, I placed the stove on a flat, level tree stump, though the ground would have worked just fine as well.

StoveTec Biomass CookstoveNext, I filled the combustion chamber with a few cups of wood shavings and small kindling topped with an infused cotton ball. Then I lit the cotton ball and tinder with a ferro rod, slowly adding small kindling as it began to take off. Once the fire was roaring and the smoke had subsided, I added three larger sticks about 1″ in diameter.

Then I placed the Super Pot on top of the stove with the lid on top and one gallon of water inside. As the sticks burned, I fed them into the combustion chamber, adding another about 10 minutes later. After a little over 13 minutes, the water had reached a rolling boil so I removed the pot from the stove and let it cool. I continued to let the stove burn out, stirring the coals as needed until it went out.

To clean up, I simply dumped the resulting ash into a small metal can and wiped the stove and pot out with a damp rag after they had completely cooled.


Final Thoughts

StoveTec’s Biomass Cookstove is a fully contained, highly efficient and economical rocket stove that requires very little fuel, producing maximum heat with minimal smoke. Perfect for campers and preppers alike, both on and off the grid. The stove is built solidly to provide many years of service, and has proven its reliability in third world countries and relief efforts around the world.

I was thoroughly impressed with the speed and efficiency of the Biomass Cookstove, though I do wish it had come with a storage bucket included. It would undoubtedly make an ideal addition to any emergency preparedness plan, or simply for use on family outings when you need to quickly whip up a meal. At a little over $100, the cookstove provides a ton of value and will likely save a lot of money and resources over its lifetime.


Disclosure of Material Connection: We received the product(s) mentioned above for free in consideration for a complete, honest and impartial product review for publication on with no gurantee of the outcome whatsoever. Any opinion provided herein is based entirely on our personal experience with the product(s).



About StoveTec

StoveTecStoveTec’s mission is to deliver clean and efficient cook stoves to the nearly 3 billion people that currently cook over an open fire or an unimproved cook stove. 1.6 million people, 85% of which are women and children, die every year from inhaling the smoke emitted by open fires or unimproved cookstoves.

StoveTec’s mission is to also provide fuel efficient cook stoves for survival situations when traditional fuels may not be available or are in short supply, camping and other recreational uses as well as efficient stoves for commercial and mass cooking needs.

  • Todd Albi

    This information was
    somewhat accurate in 2008, however now that it is almost a decade later
    combustion technologies have changed, and have changed significantly.
    Historically, the Aprovecho / StoveTec / EcoZoom rocket stove was a $2.50
    coal stove that was modified into a rocket stove. The addition of the pop
    can mild steel body, and a few other modifications raised the price to $7 in
    2008. The fact is the quality of the StoveTec stove was never really
    there. It is neither efficient or durable as the the SilverFire Survivor
    rocket stove ( Since I am featured in this video and
    created the StoveTec for Aprovecho, picked the actual color of the stove and
    headed StoveTec during this period, I’m familiar with what is accurate
    information and what is not stated in this review. Primary ventilated
    rocket stove combustion (StoveTec’s only burn once) is inferior to
    secondary combustion designed products (all SilverFire products burn twice).
    TLUD gasifier stoves (burn twice) cook faster, are more
    efficient from a combustion and emission stand point. Batch loaded TLUD
    stoves are more user friendly, since the cook does not have to continually push
    sticks in, however rocket stoves typically use less fuel, but conversely have
    less firepower. StoveTec does not have proven reliability, this
    information is inaccurate.

    The StoveTec cheap Chinese
    clay used for insulation proved not to be durable, neither is the pop can thin
    mild steel liner or stove body. There is also too much heat transmitted
    through the floor of the stove. The cast iron ton is actually 1/3 the
    thickness of the SilverFire Survivor top. The edge of the StoveTec cook
    top on their deluxe model is misleading, the actual pot supporting top is thin.
    Fact: Transportation of StoveTec stoves resulted in high numbers of
    cracked cast iron tops, this is why SilverFire uses a much thicker higher
    quality casted top. Mild StoveTec steel stove bodies and combustion
    chamber liners fail in the field, or with prolonged use. One project
    where Trees, Water & People (NGO) ordered stoves, the stoves failed in only
    a few weeks. In another recent humanitarian product SilverFire was chosen
    over StoveTec for efficiency, durability, and due to the fact that the StoveTec
    stove cracked the Stove project coordinator’s personal tile floor in his home
    after setting the hot StoveTec stove on the tile floor. StoveTec uses
    double layered cheap Chinese clay tiles to try to mitigate this heat transfer
    problem with limited success. SilverFire uses a revolutionary rocket
    stove design with 360 degree ss ventilation ductwork and a innovative heat
    shield to allow you to place a SilverFire stove directly on a wood picnic table
    at an ergonomic height while cooking. Stovetop stoves were designed for
    the ground. StoveTec, EcoZoom, and early EnviroFit stoves are all the
    same stove with different paint jobs. These original designs were funded
    by big Oil (note all Aprovecho publications funded by Shell Oil & US government).

    The StoveTec stove is
    heavier, less efficient and not as durable as SilverFire stoves, this is why
    SilverFire stove designs were created, to correct StoveTec product
    inefficiencies and durability issues. The ultra thin combustion chamber
    liner used is StoveTec stoves is a steel alloy. Silverware uses stainless
    steel. SilverFire has incorporated secondary gasification (burns twice)
    and real stainless steel ventilation duct work below and behind combustion
    chamber. SilverFire uses a ss door to retain more heat and improve
    combustion efficiency, resulting in fine ash as combustion end point.
    This means while having to empty your StoveTec repeatedly during prolonged use
    (due to less efficient combustion), your SilverFire Survivor can continue
    burning for much longer extended periods with less char that impedes heat
    transfer and ventilation.

    Like the StoveTec stove,
    their pot also falls short of SilverFire cookware, our pot is designed with an
    additional layer of stainless steel, custom steam basket and other
    quality upgrades. The StoveTec Water pasteurizer kettle and
    StoveTec FireFly lantern fall short of customer expectations as well, in our
    opinion. After leaving Aprovecho / StoveTec, formal federal complaints
    were filed against Aprovecho / StoveTec in for inappropriate use of
    humanitarian donations. I would encourage folks to not support or
    contribute funds that during our tenure were not used as claimed.

    Buyer beware, you get what
    you pay for., and not everything you read on the Internet is accurate.
    You live once, live with integrity.

    Todd Albi, SilverFire
    Disaster and Recreation Stoves & Cookware

  • Todd,

    Thank you very much for the information provided in your comment. As you can imagine, I would not have information available to me about the company beyond what was provided or what I have found available on the Internet so I can neither verify or comment to this information.

    Any opinion provided in this review was open, honest and based solely on my personal experience with the stove and cookware itself. They did perform very well in each of my tests. However, I obviously did not abuse the stove by throwing it off a rooftop or anything like that to test the durability of the clay insulation so I cannot really comment on that point.

    Additionally, while the stove did perform very well at boiling water very fast and with minimal material, I have no doubt that through advanced stove technology and better materials, the performance and durability could be improved much further.

    As a result, I challenge you to send in a SilverFire Survivor and cookware so we can profile that one as soon as we finish up with the SilverFire Scout that you recently sent in to us for review. Based on your comment above, I am sure that anyone reading a review about the StoveTec stove would also be very interested in a review of the SilverFire Survivor and any cookware designed for it. If it is truly that much better, I am sure it will shine.

    Steve Ackerman

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