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Who Am I

Steve and KimMy name is Steve Ackerman and welcome to my blog…

LetsTalkSurvival is a survival blog focussed on emergency preparedness, self-reliance and the demonstration of survival skills and techniques… And lots of gear reviews too. This is my passion and has been for some time. While I am an avid survivalist, prepper, firearm enthusiast and gear junkie, I am by no means an expert. I am simply a perpetual student of life and the outdoors.

While this site was originally created as a vehicle to house my own personal cache of tips, tricks, techniques and other useful information related to prepping and survival that I would like to keep handy and share. It is my hope that you will also find this collection information useful as well.

As I write articles and review products, I tend to evaluate things like a prepper, and I often use a zombie apocalypse as a metaphor when I discuss and plan for survival situations and scenarios. My tenet is… If you are prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse, then you are prepared for just about anything.

I often explain to people people that prepping has no more to do with a financial collapse, end-of-the-world event or a zombie apocalypse than it does with a simple power outage, earthquake, fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, or even a long-term lay-off. It is about having plenty of food, water and emergency gear on hand that would be necessary to sustain you and your family when you need it most, because it won’t be available otherwise.

Hurricane Sandy was not a even SHTF situation… It was a typical environmental disaster that occurs much more often than we’d like. However, people had to endure weeks and even months without electricity, gas, food and water. Grocery stores were bare. Then there is the 100 million people not working here in America? These are perfect examples of what prepping is all about.

My interests are not solely about prepping and self-reliance… I also enjoy messing around with OSX, Linux, networking, software development, photography, firearms and other forms of weaponry, sportfishing, writing, coaching baseball and softball and of course my family. And did I mention firearms and knives?

My goal is to retire some day and hike the JMT, PCT and AT (not all in the same year of course). My bucket list is long… But I have to start somewhere.

I love to chat with people so drop me a line if you ever want to say hello.

— Steve

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