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Knifemakers From Around the World

My goal for this series is to meet and talk with artisans of all kinds from bladesmiths to custom knifemakers, and related craftsmen including makers of hand-crafted sheaths and custom scales from every corner of the world. It is my hope to delve into the minds and methods of each artist as they tell their story and explore why they do what they do. Each article will show a brief glimpse into their shops, the tools of the trade, and of course some of their favorite wares.

Each month, I will try to interview at least one artisan from somewhere around the world. My interest is primarily in one-man bands and small shops with fewer than five employees so I will especially be focussing them whenever I can, and I may even include some tinkerers and backyard hobbyists from time to time.

If you would like to recommend someone, please contact us via the contact form to let us know who it is and why they should be included.


Knifemakers From Around the World

QuickHatch Knives — A custom knifemaker from Temecula, California

LMF Knives — A custom micarta artisan from Cowpen, South Carolina

ChyRoseKnives — A custom knifemaker from Okehampton, UK

Justin Burke — A traditional artisan and blacksmith from Northeastern Tennessee

Serg If — A custom knifemaker from Ivano-Frankivsk in Western Ukraine



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